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ID: 541 Status: Closed

Edit IMAP in helpdesk

Hello,On the edit imap section of helpdesk, I get the following warning. please advise.Warning: ...

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ID: 539 Status: Closed

Emoji shown on reply using wysiwyg editor

Hi Jakweb,Helpdesk text editor shows some type of emoticon/emoji bug. Anytime I use the double ...

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ID: 533 Status: Closed

FAQ & Support slide out tabs

Where can I change out the colors for the side tabs for FAQ and Support when they are inserted as ...

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ID: 532 Status: Closed

Rewrite or Pretty URL's

I turned Pretty URL's on but all it does is come up with errors.Not FoundThe requested URL /faq was ...

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ID: 510 Status: Closed

Website showing in my helpdesk box

Hi Jerome,I need your help. I added a third site, website B to my Multisite webiste A and for some ...

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ID: 490 Status: Closed

Download HelpDesk

Where can i download the package?there are 2 home.php which one do u mean.

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ID: 482 Status: Closed

How to set up Pushover?

Hi, I have HelpDesk 1.9 and try to set up Pushover. I have installed the app on iOS, have set up an ...

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ID: 481 Status: Closed

HelpDesk 1.9 - textareas have no editor (not visible)

Hi, I updated from HelpDesk 1.8.x to 1.9 using the auto updater. I also edited the db.php ...

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ID: 479 Status: Closed

HelpDesk default to just show open tickets?

Hi, is it a way to let HelpDesk tickets dafault to only show open tickets? Now my install defaults ...

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