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ID: 595 Status: Closed

Error on creating ticket from operator

Hi, I got error when creating ticket via operator panel. It is query error that saidIncorrect ...

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ID: 593 Status: Open

Fetching an answered ticket from IMAP v1.9.6

Hello,I was testing a flow with the new version 1.9.6 of helpdesk. Everything worked well in the ...

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ID: 592 Status: Closed

No dashboard on helpdesk (client side) v1.9.6

Hello,The front end or client side of helpdesk is missing the Dashboard. Customers were loggin in, ...

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ID: 590 Status: Closed

User account after first Ticket

When I try to open a ticket in the system from user already has an account, I get the attached ...

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ID: 589 Status: Closed

helpdesk ticket save is visible on client side login

Hello,The ticket save feature works, but there is an issue. When a customer logs to check its ...

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ID: 586 Status: Closed

Projects Setup

Hi,I would like to setup projects but I am unable to do so. What I am looking is, need to create a ...

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ID: 555 Status: Closed

Text Edit

Where do you edit the texts (Such as Listing Questions?, Your Name, Your Phone number, Your email, ...

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ID: 554 Status: Closed


Hello, I was wondering how I could make Helpdesk display in French on the french traslated pages of ...

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ID: 545 Status: Closed

Helpdesk priority disable request

Hi Jakweb team,I would like to make a request for helpdesk on your future update. The ability to ...

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