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ID: 638 Status: Closed


I think I got the wrong script. I would like to have livechat embedded and this script does not ...

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ID: 637 Status: Closed

Standard projects after register - Not working

After selecting all projects for field: Standard projects after register and then Saving it...after ...

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ID: 627 Status: Closed

All clients see all tickets?

Hi,Great tool, thanks!Is it possible for clients to see all tickets, as you have on your site?Thanks

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ID: 620 Status: Closed

Client upload attachment after creating ticket

Does helpdesk system has option to allow user to send attachment after ticket created? I found out ...

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ID: 616 Status: Closed

Ticket with email already registered not saving

Hello,We have an issue with creating ticket .User registered for the first time and submitted ...

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ID: 604 Status: Closed

Create User account after first Ticket

We had a problem that the system registers new users after first ticket even after updating to ...

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ID: 599 Status: Open

helpdesk 1.9.6 updating from old versions

Hello Jakweb team,In regards to helpdesk. I seem to manage it for the bugs I encountered, when I ...

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ID: 597 Status: Closed

Why ticketing only available for first client only

I create 1st client account and they are look normal. It has live chat and support ticket. But the ...

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ID: 596 Status: Closed

No ticket and live chat header

After found bug ( on this ...

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