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ID: 57 Status: Closed

I don't see the online operators from admin

Hello again, Im currently testing it with my operators and as admin i cant see the online ...

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ID: 55 Status: Closed

Live chat doesn't work

I installed the helpdesk script on my website when i tested ...

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ID: 46 Status: Closed

Standard Responses / Link

Hello, we find a new bug in the standard responses when placing a link.

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ID: 31 Status: Closed

Image / Filemanager sub folder

Hello Jerome,Not Work:

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ID: 30 Status: Closed

HelpDesk file and imagemanager path.

Hello,New problem:

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ID: 26 Status: Closed

Does not send message to the online user

Hello, good morning.I found that there is a small Bug. When the user is online and clicking the ...

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ID: 24 Status: Closed

Quick Chat Message not saved.

Hello,Error:In the live chat, the first message sent by the client does not appearto the operator, ...

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ID: 22 Status: Closed

I can not know that users are online

I installed the system in, activated the self proactive to my website ...

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ID: 20 Status: Closed

Why Permissions of 0777?

Ok so I just installed the system and there are a heap of directories and files all with open ...

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