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ID: 858 Status: Open

Slider covering the website pages

Hello,1) When an operator opens each page on the website (, the ...

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ID: 784 Status: Closed

i wan to open ticket system using Customer phone number thru URL tickets opend releated to ...

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ID: 763 Status: Closed

too many tickets opend with this error how to block this ?

[#1444] PHP IMAP ErrorFollowing error occured when trying to connect to the mailbox , with username ...

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ID: 757 Status: Open

API i want to get call API using URL using phone no is this possible ?

if user with phone number opend a ticket in Helpdesk when i call url  APIwith phone no opend ...

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ID: 754 Status: Open

attachment cant be seen for emails ?

attachment cant be seen for emails ?

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ID: 743 Status: Open

Upload Button for Client Chat

i try to upload the image form operator window but chat user cant see that image how to enable it ?

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ID: 710 Status: Open

Schedule answer to tickets (for helpdesk 3.0 idea)

Hello,I would like to see in future release of helpdesk a way to schedule answer tickets. For ...

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ID: 705 Status: Open

IMAP not deleting from the server

Good morning Jerome,My helpdesk is capturing emails correctly, but it is not deleting from the ...

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ID: 694 Status: Closed

Helpdesk Live chat Knob keeps loading after page refresh or redirect.

Hi Guys, I have installed sucessfully the live chat, and everything works fine. But once the page ...

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