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ID: 921 Status: Closed

download file is empty

I did the purchase but the download file is empty, please check and send me the file correctlyOrder ...

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ID: 920 Status: Open

Live Chat 3

Hi Jerome,When a customer enters their name in the widget I get notification of who the customer is ...

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ID: 918 Status: Closed

Feature request: improvments

Hi,can you add the possibility to:Have an option to disable the message box on Knock Knock (I want ...

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ID: 913 Status: Closed

chat dont notify

Hii test in multiple OS (Mac and windows) multiple navigators (chrome, firefox, safari)sometimes i ...

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ID: 912 Status: Open

Live Chat 3

Hi Jerome,I am having this issue in IE/Edge with the latest version installed. When a customer ...

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ID: 911 Status: Closed

Live Chat - IE Bug

Hi Jerome,Just reporting a bug. When you navigate to a page where I have the widget installed in IE ...

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ID: 909 Status: Closed

Need multiple API Token and Key for two licenses purchased under same account

Can you add an additional API Token and Key to my account for the additional Live Chat 3 license ...

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ID: 908 Status: Open

Feature Request

HI Jerome,Could you consider adding the ability to add predefined URLs in teh same way you can add ...

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ID: 901 Status: Open

Header Syntax Error

HiI installed Live Chat 3 perfectly, but when I try to access livechat / operator I see the error ...

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