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ID: 418 Status: Open

Admin login

Hello, i installed you Live Chat script with no errors,but when i tr to login, it ask for ...

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ID: 410 Status: Closed


Hi Jerome,I have come across a few items that do not seem to be functioning correctly.When I select ...

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ID: 408 Status: Closed


Hi I have created my buttons but when I run a page to check the status I seem to get the default ...

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ID: 402 Status: Closed

Mobile Phones

Odd problem. The live chat and departments all work great from a PC and a Tablet. But from a moblie ...

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ID: 401 Status: Closed

Files upload in chat

Hi,When you upload a image to chat as a customer you can not send the image! Why is that? You can ...

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ID: 397 Status: Closed

Installation - permission not set!

I am trying to install Live chat but it is showing in the initial install page permission not set ...

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ID: 392 Status: Closed

Inactivity issue

Hi,Hope you can assist.Having an issue which keep occuring no matter what browsers or ...

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ID: 389 Status: Closed

Live chat embed code

I don't know why but live chat dosen't work at all...I mean the embeded code that I have placed in ...

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ID: 382 Status: Closed

Chat Engage Proactive

Hello , I'm still having problems with my proactive chat : 1 - right gave functionality to invite ...

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