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ID: 449 Status: Closed

Schedule in Live Chat is gone again.

The schedule disappeared when I tried to change my user name. Please reset the schedule again in ...

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ID: 447 Status: Closed

Schedule in Live Chat is gone again

My Live Chat schedule under my user has disappeared again and I am not getting my text alerts or ...

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ID: 446 Status: Closed

Change wording

In the chat window when a client exits out, it has Email (Optional)How do I remove the optional ...

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ID: 445 Status: Closed

java code does not work

I am using the theme Kallyas, pasted the java script code in the location indicated manually and ...

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ID: 435 Status: Closed

How to make the button look like the demo?

I just purchased and need the live chat be accessible ASAP.However I cannot make it look like the ...

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ID: 433 Status: Closed

Notification of operators

Hi J,My operators are complaining that they are not notified when another operator calls in private ...

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ID: 431 Status: Closed

CSS Conflict

Just an FYI...In my main css I had the following lines./* * animation helper */.animated{ ...

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ID: 426 Status: Closed

2.6.1 Update

Any progress on the 2.6.1 update to fix the text on the chat popup within the moblie view? I ...

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ID: 421 Status: Closed

Meta Viewport

I have upgraded to Version: 2.6 and adjusted my setting but I am still having the same problem with ...

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