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ID: 501 Status: Open


Hello,I am use version 2.71 - How to work smilies and how to use ciient site?2 - When operators go ...

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ID: 489 Status: Closed

Live Chat 3

When will live chat 3 be available, thought I would ask as I came across a support ticket for it ...

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ID: 488 Status: Closed

Google Maps

I am getting the following error using the latest version 2.70 when looking at the Google Map ...

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ID: 487 Status: Closed

Language issue

I have the follwing code embedded in my files but the live chat is not showing the german ...

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ID: 468 Status: Closed

business live chat operator bad calling errors

the following error is coming up when trying to use buttons inside the operator dashboard. [Wed ...

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ID: 461 Status: Closed

need help wordpress problem

hello friend, I need help, I can not install wordpress<?php endif; ?><?php endif; ...

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ID: 456 Status: Closed

I can not be minimized chat window

I can not be minimized chat window

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ID: 451 Status: Closed

Not receiving emails from Live Chat.

I still am not receiving emails from Live Chat. When a client leaves a messsage I am not receiving ...

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ID: 450 Status: Closed

Schedule in Live Chat is gone again..I know why now

The schedule disappeared when I tried to change my user name. Please reset the schedule again in ...

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