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ID: 547 Status: Open

Google Analytics - Track Chat initiated by the client

Hi. I was wondering if you could help me find a way to track a chat initiated by the client. So ...

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ID: 542 Status: Closed

Statistics Custom Range - Error 500

Hi. Im gettign an error 500 when I try to select a Custom date range in the Statistics page.This is ...

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ID: 531 Status: Closed

Not loaded language

Established from scratch and no translationphp 7.0JAK_LANG.php file is not present in the wayPHP ...

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ID: 530 Status: Open

Live Chat widget on mobile browsers

Live Chat widget doesn't stay fixed on mobile browers when field is on focus. Tried on both Android ...

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ID: 521 Status: Closed

Positioning of Widget

Hi Jerome,Where are the style settings to control the position of the floating button, I want to be ...

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ID: 518 Status: Open

LiveChat 3 Intsall Error

Installation is ok but when i login, i get the error;[29-Nov-2016 20:40:36 Europe/Zurich] PHP Parse ...

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ID: 511 Status: Closed

Live Chat 3 - Installation

I see Live Chat 3 has been released. When I check the operator panel for a maintenance update it ...

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ID: 507 Status: Open

Chat box keeps loading

Hello, i installed you live chat on my website and it installed correctly, but when people open up ...

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ID: 506 Status: Closed

User Online

What does the bubble icon mean in the Users Online block? Does it mean that a customer that is on ...

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