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ID: 786 Status: Closed

Statistics bug 3.1

Hi jerome, i upgrade to latest 3.1 version and i found bugsif i assign a operator statistics (not ...

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ID: 784 Status: Closed

i wan to open ticket system using Customer phone number thru URL tickets opend releated to ...

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ID: 781 Status: Closed

Issue and suggestion

Hi,I want report to you some important issue with this chat software.First... I test in Firefox and ...

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ID: 779 Status: Closed

How to login into the forum

Hi Jerome, Forum not work :-(I have still button 'signin' na 'register' below my login information ...

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ID: 778 Status: Open

CMS - Plugin Blog - frontend

Bad count$resultgt = $jakdb->query('SELECT COUNT(*) as totalAll FROM ' . $jaktable . ' WHERE ...

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ID: 777 Status: Closed

CMS http -> https

What can I put into .htaccess for redirect http -> https 1:1 with seo url?thx

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ID: 775 Status: Closed

Dashboard analytics

Jerome if i asign a user with a department and role analytics (not all) in dashboard images he/she ...

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ID: 773 Status: Closed

another department view contact history

hi, if i assing a operator to a department and access to leads (not leads all) he can se all ...

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ID: 772 Status: Closed

Proactive chat hang

Hi, when i have a visitor and i send proactive chat if he push yes or no .. nothing happens, and ...

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