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This is our old support area should you still see the "Add New Ticket" Button, please use this area for creating a new ticket.

In case you don't see the button, please head over to our new support area, your login details are the same as on this site. In case you have just purchased a license your support access will be granted within three to six hours. Remember most of the questions are answered in the FAQ, you can also use the Search on the right hand side.

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ID: 7 Status: Closed

ProActive Question

Can you explain the assigning a function ProActive? What is meant by this and where can I apply it?

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ID: 6 Status: Closed


Hello,Great product!  Just one issue so far.  I am trying to get the sms to send a ...

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ID: 5 Status: Closed

Upload file client side

A bug has been reported that uploading files for the client side won't work. This bug has been ...

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ID: 4 Status: Closed

Old Support Questions

With the new site update the old support topics concerning livechat(rhinochat) are gone. Are they ...

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ID: 3 Status: Closed

CMS updated

We have just updated CMS. Added a easier way to edit comments and fixed a few bugs, no database ...

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ID: 1 Status: Closed

Forgot Password

The forgot password function in Light, Business and Websocket is not working when used with other ...

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