Live Chat 3 - Version 3.3

Live Chat 3 - Version 3.3

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Live Chat 3 - Version 3.3

We are proud to announce the availablitly of Live Support Chat. Live Chat 3 - Version 3.3 is now officially available through our download area or via Auto Updater if you have version 3.1 already.

New templates for the client chat widget, everything has been changed to postMessge, no more stylesheet loading on the client side, faster chat less queries and much more.

Full change log

  • Updated Native App with typing status and sound notifications
  • Native App keyboard with speech to type and faster messaging
  • Faster chat and more options thanks to postMessage
  • Only use the space for the chat window that is necessary
  • Fully Template based widgets
  • Complete redesigned chat widget
  • Moved widgets templates out the "files" folder
  • Reduced requests by 50%!
  • Online User shown on Map
  • Possible to have a button for mobile browsers
  • Settings are now widget based and not general
  • Widget white list for cross domain
  • Quickchat did not save the template
  • Fixed quickchat behaviour
  • Fixed stranded chats when operator ends the chat
  • Quickchat design improved
  • XSS fixed in IE6 when all security turned off
  • Fixed all reported bugs
  • Bootstrap 4 Beta
  • Highcharts 5.0.14

We have implemented a new map to show your online visitors live and can be invited with a click. Cross Domain (client chat on a different domain) needs to be whitelisted, therefore a much better security because only available on trusted domains.

After the update you will need to check and reset your widget settings, each widget has more options and button and chat position can be controlled from your operator panel.


Auto Updater is back if you already running Version 3.1. Older version? Don't worry, download the complete solution from our download area and follow the update manual.

With any update please Backup your files and database before you update, please read the update.txt file in the update folder!

Please note that on certain server settings the folders avatar and img won't be created succesfully or only partial. After running the Auto Updater please check the package/smooth and package/standard for the avatar and img folder. Should the avatar folder not be there please download the package from our download area and upload both folders (img, avatar) for both packages (smooth, standard) via FTP.


The demo has been updated already, check it out on


You can now buy our live support chat for only 59 USD. Yep, 59 USD, one time fee! Including free access to our native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Thank you

Thank you for your reports, feedbacks and trust in our software.