Cloud Chat 3 / Version 1.1

Cloud Chat 3 / Version 1.1

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Cloud Chat 3 / Version 1.1

Summer is here and we are proud to announce the brand new Cloud Chat 3 in Version 1.1. Not just a new name, pretty much a new software. With over 250 files changed this is indeed a major update!

Change log

  • Brand new operator dashboard
  • Brand new operator login panel
  • Brand new administration panel login
  • Support Tickets both ways
  • Send News from the administration panel
  • Updated iOS and Android app with online user feature
  • Invite website visitors from the iOS and Android app
  • Create advanced client from the administration panel
  • Add additional operators from the administration panel
  • Updated to the latest Bootstrap 4 version
  • Sound alert improved on customer side
  • Group messages improved from operator
  • Made slide up image clickable again
  • Updated libaries
  • Fixed all reported bugs

With our new graphic designer on board, we have completely redesigned everything from the sign up page to the administration panel, the brand new operator dashboard and of course a modern client side.

The client side template is now all package based and new packages can be added easily. We will offer professional packages soon in our shop or you can order your custom package.

Support tickets have been integrated into the system with a smart news system to contact all your clients whenever you want from your administration panel. We have also added an easy way to add more operators to an account or create an advanced client all from your administration panel.

The rest Api in combination with our iOS and Android app do show now the online visitors and of course each visitor can be invited manually straight from the app.

Desktop Apps

We already have mobile apps and now you can order your personalised Desktop apps for Windows, Mac and Linux. It will have your own Icon (Logo) and points to your Cloud Chat 3 installation. Contact us for more details, introduction price is only 199 USD.

mac desktop app

Full native app with all the features you expect!


Manual update only, grab your copy on our Git server or download the latest package in our download area. Important: before you run the update make sure you have an up to date backup! As always the update manual is included, but this time it means replace pretty much everything.

Buy Cloud Chat 3

Are you interested in building your very own Live Chat Business? Cloud Chat 3 will provide you with everything you need, we will install it for you on your server when you want or you can follow the manual and do it on your own! Included is a complete administration panel for managing your clients, a sign up page the same as here: (can be customised of course, pure HTML), the complete Cloud Chat 3 with payment integration and membership control, Unlimited Live Chat 3 license (same domain) for advanced installations plus world class support access. IOS and Android Apps native app access straight from the App and Google Play Store.

Contact us, start a chat to discuss the details, or purchase your complete license in our online shop: Cloud Chat 3 today.

Thank you very much and we whish you a succesful business