Live Chat 3.0.5

Live Chat 3.0.5

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Live Chat 3.0.5

Live Chat 3.0.5 is now officially available with iOS app support, improved rest api, faster chat and many bugs have been fixed.

Change log

  • iOS App is here
  • Improved rest api for mobile apps
  • Inform operators on transfer via push notifications
  • Transfer improvements and bug fixes
  • Improved images and lightbox feature
  • Improved search in conversation
  • Delete mobile tokens from the maintenance section
  • Fixed issue when renaming the operator folder to something else
  • Fixed issue not possible to delete the client files
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes

Over 100 files have been changed or added, many small improvements have been build in.

iOS App

App Store

Android App

Google Play Store


We have made the update even easier for you. Should your server not support our Auto Updater you can download the package from our download area and inside you will find a folder called 3.0.5. You will need to upload the content from this folder and run the install/update.php wizard, done (only if you run 3.0.4).

With any update please Backup your files and database before you update, please read the update.txt file in the update folder!


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