Live Chat 3.0.4

Live Chat 3.0.4

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Live Chat 3.0.4

Today is a great day! With the release of Live Chat 3.0.4 we also release the official Android Native App that works together with your very own Live Chat 3 installation.

We have spent the last couple of Months in developing the Android and IOS (coming soon) native app with integrated push notifications. Now you can serve all your customers fast and professionally.


  • Improved tabbing, not loosing the client
  • Image attachments are now shown instead of a link
  • Uploads from clients are now on the correct side/colour in bubble mode
  • Added Push Notifications for native app
  • Title font can now be changed in the chat widgets
  • Improved slide up design
  • Two new fields for each operator profile to add the native token and key for push notifications
  • Updated rest api to the final version
  • Fixed transfer client missing transferid
  • Improved lastid for pulling new messages now using a session
  • Fixed success message on password change only
  • Uploader files does now check the max post size from the php ini settings
  • Expired chats are now correctly handled
  • Open popup fixed when engaged
  • Fixed double messages on refresh
  • Fixed delete files (path/icon)
  • Updated to jQuery 3.2.1

Please note the native app and the included rest api will only work with Live Chat 3.0.4 and above. More information about the included push notifications and how to use it can be found here: Native Push Notifications. In case you cannot login to our Push Server don't freak out we are working hard to give access to all eligable accounts within the next 24 hours.

This is the first release of our Android App and we are looking forward for your feedback and suggestions. We will write another announcement when the IOS app is ready as well when all our LCPS customer can connect to the same app.

Android App

Google Play Store


We have made the update even easier for you. Should your server not support our Auto Updater you can download the package from our download area and inside you will find a folder called 3.0.4. You will need to upload the content from this folder and run the install/update.php wizard, done (only if you run 3.0.3).

With any update please Backup your files and database before you update, please read the update.txt file in the update folder!


Not a customer yet? You can purchase Live Chat 3 in our shop.

Thank you

Thank you for your reports, feedbacks and trust in our software.