Exciting times Ahead

Exciting times Ahead

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Exciting times Ahead

In the next couple of weeks we will introduce native apps for LCPS, Live Chat 3 and HelpDesk 3 available for IOS and Android.

We have been working very hard to provide the best possible Live Chat solution for mobile devices, including push notifications, file uploads, offline messages with a beautiful and easy to use GUI.



The app will connect to your own installation, only the native push notifications need to run through our servers. We will also offer a mobile package in our shop where you can buy the apps, customise and launch one or both under your own name/branding.

HelpDesk 3

Is currently in development and will be finished sometimes May or June we hope. The chat will be based on the latest Live Chat 3 solution plus many new features and of course a fresh design for the back and front end. HelpDesk 3 can also be used in combination with LCPS, that means you will be able to offer HelpDesk 3 as a hosted solution to your customers with automatic billing.

Current versions:

Just to let you know the latest versions for our software is:

  • LCPS 1.0.3
  • Live Chat
  • HelpDesk 2.0.1
  • CMS 2.3.2

Happy updating and stay tuned for our next announcement.