Live Chat 3.0.3

Live Chat 3.0.3

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Live Chat 3.0.3

Get you hands on one of the biggest release yet. We have included all the features you have requested plus much much more!

We have included a public or password protected group chat in Live Chat 3 with up to 50 clients at the same time, nowehere else you will find this feature within a professional Live Chat / Support solution.

Live Chat 3 - Public Group Chat

More information about the integrated public group chat can be found in our FAQ.

But that is not all, we have implement holiday mode, group messages that are in the same minute (client side), client desktop notifications and improved the overal behaviour of the chat with less sql queries and improved design.

Change log

  • Brand new public group chat with up to 50 clients
  • Improved Slide Up Design, gained more space
  • Cleaner forms for slide up / out
  • Avatar selection is now on the image (removed radio buttons)
  • Optimised requests when tab is not active
  • Group messages that are in the same minute (cleaner design)
  • Three more permission levels (Group Chat, URL Black List and Block Visitors)
  • Optimised sql calls when idle
  • Only run engage when slide up / out is closed
  • Close slide up / out when opening the pop up
  • Holiday Mode to turn off the chat or hide it
  • Changed widget vars behaviour
  • Fixed login from multiple devices at the same time
  • Fixed delete correct widget cache file
  • Fixed group permissiond widget
  • Fixed Engage on mobile browser (window won't open)
  • Improved PDO Class, faster queries
  • Changed Icon for expanding the menu
  • Improved Desktop Notifications, now also for IE9+ and Android Chrome (SSL necessary)
  • Added Desktop Notifications for client side
  • Improved security for Cross Domain Calls
  • Updated Howler, Clipboard and Emoji
  • Added copyright footer link for LCPS (optional)
  • Fixed file upload from archive
  • Fixed delete files redirect
  • Fixed small bugs

The list is long and over 120 files have been updated, removed or added. The biggest update for Live Chat 3 so far.


We have made the update even easier for you. Should your server not support our Auto Updater you can download the package from our download area and inside you will find a folder called 3.0.3. You will need to upload the content from this folder and run the install/update.php wizard, done (only if you run 3.0.2).

With any update please Backup your files and database before you update, please read the update.txt file in the update folder!


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Thank you

Thank you for your reports, feedbacks and trust in our software. We are looking for the next major release which will include the rest api to connect to the IOS and Android native app.