LCPS 1.0.3

LCPS 1.0.3

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LCPS 1.0.3

We are proud to release Live Chat PHP Server 1.0.3, faster, better and resource savings.

We have improved the administration panel and fixed a few bugs.

Change Log Administration Console

  • Fixed dashboad with latest purchases.
  • Improved PDO Database class

Change Log Live Chat PHP

Within Live Chat PHP we have improved the chat widget slide up design and behaviour, should the slide up be open and the clients open the pop up it will close the slide up. Desktop Notifications now work in IE9+ and we have also integrated the notifications for the client side.

Messages in the same minute are now grouped on the client side, design has been improved in many ways to give more spaces and fresher look.

  • Improved Slide Up Design, gained more space
  • Cleaner forms for slide up / out
  • Avatar selection is now on the image (removed radio buttons)
  • Optimised requests when tab is not active
  • Group messages that are in the same minute (cleaner design)
  • Optimised sql calls when idle
  • Only run engage when slide up / out is closed
  • Close slide up / out when opening the pop up
  • Fixed login from multiple devices at the same time
  • Fixed Engage on mobile browser (window won't open)
  • Improved PDO Class, faster queries
  • Improved Desktop Notifications, now also for IE9+ and Android Chrome (SSL necessary)
  • Added Desktop Notifications for client side
  • Improved security for Cross Domain Calls
  • Updated Howler, Clipboard and Emoji
  • Fixed small bugs

Thank you very much for all the feedbacks and suggestions you have sent us in the last 4 weeks, keep them comming.


You can update via Auto Updater, grab your copy on our Git server or download the latest package in our download area. Important: before you run the update make sure you have an up to date backup!

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