LCPS 1.0.2

LCPS 1.0.2

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LCPS 1.0.2

We are proud to release Live Chat PHP Server 1.0.2, great improvements in design, speed and usuability.

The client administration panel has received the new features you have requested. It will now show the latest subscriptions on the dashboard, plus on each client the purchases the client already or tried to made.

Change Log Administration Console

  • Latest subscriptions on dashboard
  • All subscriptions on each client

dashboard latest subscriptions

client all subscriptions

Change Log Live Chat PHP

Within Live Chat PHP we have improved the chat widget slide up and down behaviour, added a slide our right and left feature as well the buttons for the pop up can now be placed on four different positions to better suit the different website designs.

We have also improved the slide up/out images it can now be 190px or smaller and it should be automatically placed on the correct position. The dashboard has been improved specially for mobile users.

  • Slide Out Right/Left
  • 4 Floating button positions
  • Improved dashboard design specially for mobile users
  • Neutral standard avatar
  • Fixed slide up colour on change
  • Small bug fixes

Thank you very much for all the feedbacks we have received and we whish you good sales in 2017.


You can update via Auto Updater, grab your copy on our Git server or download the latest package in our download area. Important: before you run the update make sure you have an up to date backup!

Buy Live Chat PHP Server

Are you interested in building your very own Live Chat Business? Live Chat PHP Server will provide you with everything you need, we even install it for your on your server! Included is a complete administration panel for managing your clients, a sign up page the same as here:, the complete Live Chat PHP Server with payment integration and membership control, Unlimited Live Chat 3 license (one domain) for advanced installations plus world class support access. IOS and Android Apps follow in a couple of weeks.

Contact us, start a chat to discuss the details, or purchase your very own license in our online shop: Live Chat PHP Server.

Happy New Year and all the best in 2017!