LCPS Admin

LCPS Admin

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LCPS Admin

From all our customers requested now available. The administration panel for managing your Live Chat PHP Servers and Clients.

lcps dashbaord

Main Features

  • Manage clients from all your locations.
  • Semi manage clients with Live Chat 3 access.
  • Manage all locations (single operators).
  • Add as many administrators you like with different permission levels.
  • Change all general and email settings from your administration panel.
  • Manage payment gateways and prices.

Clients can be changed, updated, deleted and moved simply from your administration panel. Have full control who is using Live Chat 3 and where it has been installed. Control your locations and check your income easily from the dashboard.

All clients can be sorted after certain criterias, searched and managed from one place.

Licensed Customers

We will inform you within the next couple of days to perform the installation on your server, please bare with us.

New Customers

New customers will have the installation done with the administration panel from beginning. You can purchase your Live Chat PHP Server License in our online shop.

Big Thank You

Thank you very much for all the great feedbacks, suggestions and bug reports. Let us create the best self hosted live chat solution on the market.