Live Chat 2.4

Live Chat 2.4

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Live Chat 2.4

Live Chat Business 2.4 is now available. This release has one major improvement plus many bug fixes specially in Internet Explorer and Edge. The new Engage (ProActive) design for the client side is now modern, intuitiv and suits the rest of Live Chat.

  • Engage customers the new way
  • Transfer clients can be turned off for each operator
  • All reported bugs have been fixed
  • Redirect clients in IE/Edge is now working
  • Improved chat behaviour on operator side
  • jQuery update

With the new design for proactive you have much more options to invite your customers, you now have a title, a image and your text instead only a text like before. We also using a modal with a modern look instead of a tiny popup.

new engage modal window

We have also created a new FAQ article to explain the new customer engage feature.

Thank you for all your reports and suggestions once more and happy chatting with Live Chat Business 2.4.


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