CMS 2.2

CMS 2.2

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CMS 2.2

We're pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our product, CMS 2.2. This release includes a number of valuable improvements. We have included a new plugin and we addressed over 40 bugs and other issues.

Change log

  • New Plugin URL Mapper (SEO)
  • Blog article backup like pages does already
  • Next/Previous feature improved
  • 404 No follow added
  • Shop simple/digital checkout (no address and/or shipping fields shown)
  • Fixed breadcrumbs
  • Fixed various bugs in plugins and hooks
  • Robots file updated
  • tinyMCE updated
  • jQuery updated
  • File and Image Manager updated
  • Fixed various small bugs

Thank you for all your reports and suggestions once more.

Older versions then 2.0, please update manually to 2.2 as described in the update manual within the CMS 2.2 download package.

Enjoy the next generation content management system compatible with all browsers and devices. Not a customer? You can purchase CMS 2.2 in our online shop.

Thank you for all the suggestions and feedbacks we have received over the last couple of Months. Now we are looking forward for your feedback to CMS 2.2, please use the form below.