Live Chat 2.3

Live Chat 2.3

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Live Chat 2.3

We are happy to announce the new version for Live Chat Business. Version 2.3 will come with a lot of new features, some requested quite a while ago, finally all available.

  • Up to 3 PHP GET vars to start the chat dynamically (not in quickstart)
  • Individual online time table for each day
  • Redirect to URL or contact form if no respond
  • Chat window style preview
  • Contact form style preview
  • Choose between two chat designs on client side (bubbles and classic)
  • Email export from sessions and contact table
  • Quickstart is now using a unique number for the name (e.g. Guest_32)
  • UTF-8 bug fix for server sent events
  • Time set for proactive message fix
  • jQuery update

We have also added 3 new FAQ article to explain the new features in details. Should you have any questions or problems not covered in our FAQ area or in our Support area, please open a new ticket anytime.

Our to-do list is empty and we are happy to receive new suggestions, requests and feedbacks about the best PHP, MySQL self hosted Live Chat available.


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