Website Tools and SEO

Website Tools and SEO

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Website Tools and SEO

Every developer is using his tools to improve, check, pack, learn and extend his knowledge. Today we want to give you some of our source we use to extend our knowledge and improve our code.

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Introduce JAKWEB SEO

We offer you a great selection of SEO and WEB tools (shut down) for free.


Most of our software is based on PHP, so we can't live without: PHP.NET. Why do we use PHP? Fast, flexible and made for web development.


As we go more and more back to Vanilla Javascript of course we have to use the Mozilla resources but not just that we also use "You Might Not Need jQuery".


One of the best invention is CSS3, fast and works on pretty much all mobile browser. The most popular is from Daniel Eden and is called Animate.css, great collection and super easy to use. Hint: do not include the complete file only the ones you need, it will save you a lot of bandwith and makes your site faster. Another great website for all sort of CSS3 features is CSS3 Generator.

Seo and optimisation Tools

Here are few sources we use for SEO, Page optimisation and other useful links.

I'm sure there are plenty more but this are the ones we use most, maybe you have some great links with great resources to tell us?