CMS 2.0

CMS 2.0

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CMS 2.0


You will remember that date because it changed the way how we build and manage websites in the future.

CMS 2.0

We are pleased to announce the availability of CMS 2.0. The best and easiest way to build a website. Fully open, modern, works on all browsers and devices without special configurations.

Not just that, it is fast, super fast. Run it on all web servers with ease (Minimum Requirements).


  • Brand new installation wizard
  • Two options to install your CMS
  • Hide Navbar/Footer on pages
  • Run One Page sites
  • Choose offline page instead of just a message
  • Blog and Ticket can now have sub comments and ratings
  • Enhanced code and faster loading
  • Added Ace editor to edit template, language and css files
  • Added feature for prohibited usernames
  • eCommerce has now a dashboard for clients, orders and invoices
  • Tickets can be closed from the front end
  • Tickets attach local URL's easily via select field (Admin/Mod)
  • Removed all E-Warning errors
  • Added more editor ID's for future use
  • Improved tag managing in the back end
  • RSS fixed in eCommerce and Download Plugin
  • eCommerce plugin improved and bugs fixed
  • Fixed password recovery bug (when no name has been set)
  • Fixed a language bug in the social plugin
  • Added Ace editor in various plugins
  • Fixed eCommerce plugin when saving settings
  • Improved security in the back end
  • Improved Google Map in Retailer Plugin
  • Improved pagination for page one, no more double content
  • Improved SEO for categories
  • Improved register form plugin
  • Ace editor update
  • tinyMCE update
  • jQuery update
  • Fixed various small bugs

The demo has already been updated to the latest version, you will find the possibilities to have One Page websites within the CMS. Many new features like invoices for customers in shop plugin, easier to manage tickets, brand new commenting system and much much more.

Brand new Installation wizard

With the brand new installation wizard you can build a website in less then 5 minutes, check the image below why!

installation wizard

Two options are now available to install CMS:

  • Modern: This will install a fancy pancy CMS with pages, news, slider and other goodies all pre set with images and text placeholders. 5 minute website setup, how cool is that.
  • Plain: This will install a plain CMS to start fresh, for experienced administrators. Seriously you start pretty much blank and we mean blank.

Update from previous version

Because we have changed all files (seriously 99%), auto update won't work. You will have to download the full package from our download area and replace everything, also the db.php file.

Of course you won't loose any data, but it would be too much for the auto updater. As always backup first and then update.

Enjoy the next generation content management system compatible with all browsers and devices. Not a customer? You can purchase CMS 2.0 in our online shop.

Thank you for all the suggestions and feedbacks we have received over the last couple of Months. Now we are looking forward for your feedback to CMS 2.0, please use the form below.