Live Chat Business 2.0

Live Chat Business 2.0

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Live Chat Business 2.0

The best release since we launched Live Chat Business has arrived. Version 2.0 is now available in our download area for license holder or in our shop for new customers.

Change log

  • Added auto answer feature.
  • Changed languages from ini to php arrays
  • MySQL strict ready
  • Fixed all E-Notice warnings
  • More settings via Operator panel
  • New star rating with font awesome
  • New avatar icons
  • Improved pop up design
  • Added new style design for pop up sidebar
  • Date Range Update and CSS fix
  • Plivo service integrated
  • Added more sounds
  • Improved code, faster loading
  • Fixed and improved quick chat
  • Fixed and improved pop up chat
  • Removed Gravatar Service
  • Several small issues fixed

The new feature Answers and Text makes live chat business fully multilanguage capable and more personal for each client and department, checkout the faq article about answers and text. We have also changed all language files from .ini to .php, easier to manage and faster processing. More sounds are available plus it is super easy to add your own tone, checkout the faq article how to add your own sound.

Redesigned pop up window, improved quick chat window and cleaner code through the whole software makes it faster and easier to maintain.

New embed code, copy one provided code into your footer file. Done!

Update from previous version

Because we have changed all files (seriously 99%), auto update won't work. You will have to download the full package from our download area and replace everything, also the db.php file.

Of course you won't loose any data, but it would be too much for the auto updater. As always backup first and then update.

You should also create a new embed code for your website, copy one provided code only. The days to copy into your header and footer file is over.

Enjoy the best live chat software on the market (trusted by 1000s of customers), thank you for the feedbacks, suggestions and loyalty.