WordPress - HelpDesk Bridge

WordPress - HelpDesk Bridge

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WordPress - HelpDesk Bridge

This is a WordPress plugin that shares the user database from WordPress with HelpDesk, it will create clients automatically in HelpDesk and will log them in as well.

Operator can be synchronised with HelpDesk and share the login details also. There is a link in the header of your administration panel in WordPress that either points to the operator panel or the client side.



The plugin is free for all HelpDesk license holder.

The correct way is to use only WordPress for your operator and client management. The plugin will login, change and reset the password in HelpDesk as well. It is always possible to split WordPress and HelpDesk in a later stage.

It is also possible to login into HelpDesk with the same user details from WordPress at anytime.

Provide great support with our HelpDesk solution and connect the user database with HelpDesk.

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