Bootstrap Vote Up/Down

Bootstrap Vote Up/Down

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Bootstrap Vote Up/Down

Did you ever wanted a smart up and down vote script for your website? Well here it comes, it can be used for comments, simple votes, contact page, website feedback and many more your imagination is the limit.

Vote Up/Down from JAKWEB does use the latest Bootstrap 3 framework, pure Javascript and does not need a database. The result will be stored in a text file.

Download Demo

The download contains all necessary files, stylesheet, php file and a font files for the demo. No database is necessary, you only need to set write permission to the data.txt file.

Your web server needs at least PHP 5, unpack the file and upload the folder into your root, go to your browser and you are ready to vote.

Like to try? Click on the Demo button above. Need more customers for your website? Try our Live Chat Business which will boost your sales. You can also download the complete script with all the files with the button above. You need to sign up, it will only take a couple of seconds and you will have access to a lot of freebies and we won't send you emails or share your details.

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