Best Live Chat Software

Best Live Chat Software

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Best Live Chat Software

Live Chat for your website is a must if you like to offer first class support or answer pre sales questions. All online shop owners know that customers don't read or even watching videos is sometimes too much to ask for that's why you will need a live chat on your website where you can answer questions right away and win another customer.

Now the question is do you want to go hosted or self hosted, pay a monthly or a one time fee?

For us it is clear, there is only one solution self hosted. Let me explain the advantages of a self hosted quality live chat solution.

Your Customers your Data

That is probably the most important one, think about it, do you really want to share your precious customers data with any third party?

Pay Monthly fees

Why? You already have a server or a hosting package for your website why not run the live chat solution on the same and save money, big time.


There is no hosted solution where you can do whatever you want to do, always limitations in operators, how many chats at the same time, datas only available for 30 days and so on. Just go self hosted and you can grow without paying more.


It is pretty much the same, except for the operator panel but if you can read and follow a manual it is like installing WordPress, with 3 klicks you ready. Copy the embed code for the client must be done anyway if you use a hosted or a self hosted solution.


Hosted solutions, why? If anyone can tell us one good reason why it is better for the end customer to choose a hosted solution for any product, please let us know. Like to try one of the first and best live chat solution based on PHP and MySQL, optimised for any hosting environment, fully mobile ready and data friendly head to our business solution. You won't find a better one!