SMS Script with Nexmo

SMS Script with Nexmo

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SMS Script with Nexmo

Advent Advent.

December is here and another Year is almost over. Time runs quickly and we hope you not a thing.

Today we have another freebie for you: SMS Script with Nexmo. Send text messages from your website with ease. SMS script is very simple to use and saves all your messages and contacts in a database. The only thing you need is a Nexmo account and a little bit of credit, text messages prices with Nexmo start with as litle as 1/2 a cent. The SMS script is of course fully optimised and mobile ready.

As always you can download the tutorial with all files with the button below.


The download contains all necessary files, including the database tables, stylesheet, javascript, php config files and a php index file for sending messages.

Let's have a look into the one file you have to edit, include/db.php:

// Database connection and setup
define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); // Database host ## Datenbank Server
define('DB_PORT', 3306); // Enter the database port for your mysql server
define('DB_USER', ''); // Database user ## Datenbank Benutzername
define('DB_PASS', ''); // Database password ## Datenbank Passwort
define('DB_NAME', ''); // Database name ## Datenbank Name
define('DB_PREFIX', ''); // Database prefix use (a-z) and (_)

// MySQL or MySQLi
define('JAK_MYSQL_CONNECTION', 1); // Use 1 for MySQLi or 2 for MySQL

// Password to send sms
define('JAK_SMS_PASS', '12345678'); // some password

// Nexmo Key / Secret
define('JAK_NEX_KEY', ''); // key from
define('JAK_NEX_SECRET', ''); // secret from

Should be self explained. Database information needs to be added, a Password and the keys from Nexmo.

After you have setup the database and uploaded all files correctly into a subfolder on your server, go to your web browser and point to the address you have installed the SMS Script. You should see a page that looks like the screenshot below.

sms view

Now enjoy another great freebie from JAKWEB and we wish you a happy Advent and good moments with your family.