HelpDesk 1.1

HelpDesk 1.1

About JAKWEB 01.11.2015 5307

HelpDesk 1.1

We are happy to announce the release of HelpDesk 1.1.

It has been a long time since the last update for HelpDesk but we think it was worth it. We have implemented the latest administration design with the newest SSE (server sent event) technology for the live chat. 100's of bugs have been fixed and all processes have been improved including the long requested file upload when creating a ticket.

The demo has also been updated and if you already have a license you can download HelpDesk 1.1 in our download area.


  • New operator panel
  • Auto Updater, in future run updates easily from your operator panel
  • Live Chat is now running on SSE technology (80% less SQL queries)
  • Redesigned Operator private and public chat (75% less SQL queries)
  • File upload when creating a ticket (client side)
  • Moved all Javascript to the bottom (faster page loading)
  • tinyMCE editor update
  • File and Image Manager update
  • Fixed various bugs

With version 1.1 we have also included the auto updater, so in future you can update your HelpDesk with a click on a button.