What is zipp.chat?

What is zipp.chat?

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What is zipp.chat?

We are getting close to the first official release of zipp.chat. It has been a lot of work and the last 8 Month, developing the software with up to 5 developers, graphic designer and testers, it is certainly a big project.

As the title already states, zipp.chat is the new, modern live communication solution for your business with a back end that can handle a lot! The first stage of the software is hopefully available beginning of May 2023 and includes already a lot of features:

  • Client Management
  • Live Chat (Socket Technology)
  • Group Chats with Employees
  • Group Chats with multiple Clients
  • Voice Messages
  • Screen-Sharing
  • Voice Calls
  • Video Messages
  • Operator Management
  • Chat Bot
  • Built in FAQ
  • Engage Customers
  • Standard Responses
  • Block IP and Email Addresses
  • Full Privacy Guaranteed

That are some of the main features and of course there is a lot more. The first stage of zipp.chat will contain the features above, but that is not all, the second stage will contain a complete support ticket management area, and the third and last stage will be the CRM module.

We offer zipp.chat as a self-hosted and for the first time as fully managed solution.

Till end of May we offer a Pre-Purchase Sale on zipp.chat, this will not be available when zipp.chat is officially available, don't miss it!