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Web Stuff 15.01.2023 1769 - Next Level Support Software

Today is a special day for us!

We are so excited to present you the next generation live chat, support, FAQ, chatbot, client management super-duper platform.

live chat

The all-in-one business communication solution, that is easy to use and pushes your sales to the next level.


We have created a masterpiece with everything you need and probably more for most. With over 20 years’ experience of building support software, is the one you want. Live Chat, Video Calls, Voice Calls, Group Chat, Client Management, Standard Responses, FAQ, Bot and much more…

JAKweb Software

You probably use or at least know our existing software: Live Chat 3, HelpDesk 3, Cloud Chat 3 and Cloud Desk 3. One of the first complete self-hosted live chat solutions available since 2011. We have over 6200 customers with our current software, and we want to say a big huge massive thank you to you all!!! Without you, we would not be here, and we could not have developed the next generation live chat support platform ->

Developing such a software from scratch needs a good planing, great experience and a lot of time. We have started planing back in 2018, and we are happy to announce that it will be available in 2023, to be exact, we plan to be ready end of April 2023.

Pre-Purchase is now available

To cover some of the cost and of course to give something back to our existing customer we have for the first time the option to pre-purchase a license for up to 50% less, this will only be possible till the end of May 2023. There is also a limitation in coupons, so don't wait too long. will only be available on our website, fully self-hosted solution and for the first time we do also offer a fully managed and hosted solution in three different locations: Europe, USA and Asia. This way you can select a location near your customers and yourself and enjoy full speed.

Are you Ready?

Are you ready for the next generation communication and support software, fully self-hosted if you want and total privacy guaranteed! The socket technology allows us to implement, voice, video, screen-sharing, notifications, 2Auth and much more. Get your license today with pre-purchase option offered till end of April 2023.