Cloud Desk 3 - Version 2.1

Cloud Desk 3 - Version 2.1

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Cloud Desk 3 - Version 2.1

The brand new installation wizard is now also available for Cloud Desk 3. The installation is now very simple and should not cause any more problems.

Checkout the new installation video we have made for Cloud Chat 3 also valid for Cloud Desk 3.


  • Brand new installation wizard
  • Simplified upload
  • Improved license handler
  • Updated the browser class
  • Fixed issue with live chat widget in mobile view
  • All known and reported bugs fixed
  • General performance improvements

Upgrade Administration Panel

The administration panel can easily be upgraded via the build in Auto Updater.

Upgrade Live Chat Server

The live chat server can easily be upgraded via the build in Auto Updater.

In case you struggle with the upgrade we do offer an upgrade service, it can be purchased in our shop.

Native Apps

They new version will be available soon on the Apple and Google App Store.


Please login with your account and head to our support area. Make sure your support access has not expired.

Are you interested in building your very own Live Support and Chat Business? Cloud Desk 3 will provide you with everything you need! Included is a complete administration panel for managing your clients, a sign up page the same as here: Cloud Desk 3 / Sign Up - Demo (can be customised of course, pure HTML), the complete Cloud Desk 3 with payment integration, subscriptions and membership control plus world class support access. IOS and Android Apps native app access straight from the App and Google Play Store.

Contact us, start a chat to discuss the details, or purchase your complete license with our partner Envato: Cloud Desk 3 today.

Thank you very much for your patience and lots of feedbacks. We whish you a successful business with Cloud Desk 3.

Thank YOU

We would like to thank you once again for the great feedback and enjoy the latest release for the most complete support solution available.