Live Chat 3 - Version 5.0.3

Live Chat 3 - Version 5.0.3

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Live Chat 3 - Version 5.0.3

We have just released version 5.0.3 for Live Chat 3, you should upgrade as soon as possible as always.


  • All reported and known bugs fixed
  • General performance improvements

Auto updater is back if you are already on Version 5.0. In this case the update takes about 5 seconds. :)

In case you struggle with the update we do offer an update service, it can be purchased in our shop.


Please login with your account and head to our support area. Make sure your support access is not expired.

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Get the best self hosted live support chat in version 5.0.3 including all known fixes for the native iOS and Android Apps on the App Stores with push notifications from our partner CodeCanyon.

Thank you once again and enjoy Live Chat 3 in Version 5.0.3.