Live Chat 3 - Version 5.0

Live Chat 3 - Version 5.0

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Live Chat 3 - Version 5.0

Live Chat 3 - Version 5.0 is here!

10 Years Ago

We have started with the core code of Live Chat 3, 10 Years ago we still cannot believe a decade has gone.

Luckely to you we are very well known in the Live Support Industry and with this update we have just added another big lead to our competitors.

Technology Back in 2011

When we started back in 2011 the browser compatibilty was kind of a nightmare, we still managed to make it work in a way you did not need a special server or browser to use our software.

All this code has still been used till today. Of course we modified it, made it work with PHP 7 and later with PHP 8 but it was still kind of old and slow code.

Technology Today

We are almost in 2022 and luckely Internet Explorer is a past for good and Edge is based on Chrome, that makes developing so much easier and we can use technology that allows use creating code that is fast, reliable and secure. But not just browsers have been changed also web servers. With PHP 7 and 8 we have a strong, fast and secure programming language it almost can't get any better.

Now it is time to release this brand new technology to you!

Live Chat 3 - Version 5.0

Available right now for you and we are proud that we have created something special again!

livechat design

We have not just designed a new template we have also recoded everything from scratch. You will love it! With this update we will provide one front end chat template called "business" that combines all the features from the old templates but in a new and fresh design.


  • New era for Live Chat 3
  • New technology for the live support chat
  • Extrem fast and easy to use
  • Brand new front end chat support template
  • Fully compatible with desktop and mobile
  • New Live Chat Buttons
  • New Live Chat Widget Settings
  • Customers can reopen a chat conversation
  • Show chat only to your members (any site)
  • No more cross browser issues
  • No more whitelisting hazle
  • Shortname for standard responses
  • Inform customer on transfer
  • Improved RTL Support
  • Improved RTL Font
  • Block IP Address directly from Chat
  • All libraries updated
  • Manual for Operator Panel
  • Manual for Live Chat Widget
  • Manual for how to create your own Live Chat Widget
  • All known and reported bugs fixed

The list is long and a lot of work is behind it, the upgrade to 5.0 is free for all current customers. Yeahhhh.


With such a complete make over it is necessary to install the update manually and have a complete backup from your database and files. The upgrade guide is also available in the download package.

  1. Backup your database
  2. Backup your files
  3. Unpack the brand new Live Chat 3 - Version 5.0
  4. Open your FTP Program (do not use cPanel or any other panel for uploading the files)
  5. Browse to the directory you have installed Live Chat 3
  6. Delete all files and folders from LC3 on your server except (cache and files)
  7. Upload the folders and files on your server with the content of the 5.0_complete folder
  8. Wait until everything has been uploaded correctly
  9. Now open the old include/db.php (from your backup)
  10. Rename the include/ into include/db.php on your server
  11. Also open the new include/db.php from your server
  12. Copy the database connection, Password Hash, Full Site Domain, SSL and Rewrite feature into the new db.php file
  13. Make sure to setup the rest of the new db.php as described in the file itself
  14. Open your browser and visiting following URL: (yourdomain and livechat3 is something you will need to change)
  15. Follow the on screen guide, that will update the database!
  16. After you receive a success message you need to delete the complete install directory on the server
  17. Finally login with your credentials and check that everything is working!
  18. Checkout the manuals which are now available and included in this package.

In case you struggle with the upgrade we do offer an upgrade service, it can be purchased in our shop.


Please login with your account and head to our support area. Make sure your support access is not expired.

Buy Now

Get the best self hosted live support chat in version 5.0 including access to the brand new native iOS and Android Apps on the App Stores with push notifications from our partner CodeCanyon.

Thank you once again and enjoy Live Chat 3 in Version 5.0.