HelpDesk 3 - WordPress Plugin

HelpDesk 3 - WordPress Plugin

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HelpDesk 3 - WordPress Plugin

Happy Day for all WordPress Users, we have just released a new plugin for HelpDesk 3 and WordPress. The plugin has been rebuild completely and many new features have been added:

  • User Synchronisation
  • Operator Synchronisation
  • Single SignIn from WordPress
  • Register on WordPress automatically create user in HD3
  • Change Profile will also update the HD3 Profile
  • You can always synchronize users and operators with a click on a button
  • Display chat widgets
  • Display the FAQ Area or Categories
  • Display the Support Area or Departments
  • Display the Group Chat


Widget Options WordPress

WordPress User Sync

WordPress shortcodes


The installation of the plugin is straight forward, all licensed customers have free access to the plugin. Download the plugin from our download area and upload the plugin into the wp-content/plugins/ directory.

It is important that HelpDesk 3 has been installed in the same database!

After uploading the plugin and activation, setup the plugin like following:

  1. Go to Settings -> "HD3 User Bridge" in your WordPress Admin Area
  2. Add all information in the blank fields
  3. Save the Information
  4. Test the connection
  5. Update the database
  6. Synchronise the User and Operator Tables

When all goes to plan you should see success messages, if something is wrong you will receive an error.

Now there is one part on HelpDesk 3 you need to do, open your include/db.php file and add the profile url. Choose the URL where you clients change there personal information and password. In a standard WordPress installation it would be something like this:

In case you have any third party plugin installed for your clients just add the correct URL into your include/db.php file.


As this is a freebie please note there is no free support with it, if you need help, please head to our shop and purchase custom hours from us. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Not a customer yet? Get your own professional Support - Helpdesk 3 license once and use it for life.

Thank You

Now enjoy another great addition to the best All in On support platform and thank you very much for your feedbacks and support.