About JAKWEB 07.07.2020 26281


We would like to inform you about using our software without a license. We started developing live chat and support software back in 2009, one off the first offering a self hosted live chat solution that runs on almost all server configurations.

Over time we became a good name in the industrie and of course our software like HelpDesk 3 or Live Chat 3 was uploaded to many NULLED sites on the world wide web.

In numbers it was like selling one license and having three illegal installations at the same time. Pretty sad when you think that a lifetime license starts from just 29 USD today. We had various prices to stop this, starting from 19 USD but made it worse.

When the ratio reached 1 legal license to 7 illegal installation we had to start thinking of a solution. As a software developer it makes you sad that some people don't care about your hard work, when you try to make a living with fair prices (far away from getting rich, it is not our goal anyway).

From the beginning we have full control who is installing our software and where, so we could just forward every single illegal installation to our legal department and probably get more out of it as we sold in total. Sad isn't it?

License Server

In 2020 we started to build something in our software we did not want to build into. Our new license server now ask you to enter your license code when you install our software. In 99% this is not a problem, it works fine and is a quick process. However some server does not have the minimum requirements installed or are behind a proxy or run on a localhost for internal use only.

A few numbers so you get an idea how much time we spent to develop the license server and help customers to solve issues in combination with a license verification since we start it:

  • Over 50 hours to develop the license server
  • Another 80 hours to build it into our software
  • Another 30 hours to test it on various server configurations
  • Over 20 hours to help customers getting their license code issues resolved

Time we could have spent to further develop our software. ;)

License Agreement

With all software you purchase you agree to a license agreement. We made our license agreement very fair, you can remove all visibile copyright without any extra charge. The only thing we ask is to keep the code and files confidential, don't publish it on any site or upload it to any file sharing platform. Don't sell it and don't give it away it is illegal.

Privacy Agreement

Most important part on the world wide web and in real life! We often get asked why you are not build in any social platform connections or share login with other platforms. Yes, we would probably sell a few more licenses or maybe lose it all. You can read more about our opinion on sharing user information with social platforms.

Privacy is more important then ever! We won't comment on any political direction where it goes at the moment but it is a big worry! Think twice when you download, register or share any of your personal information anywhere.

Since we started in 2009 privacy is one of the most important part of our Software, we don't share any information with a third party, we not store more information than necessary. We delete information completely when someone is asking us too.

Final Thoughts

As long as we develop software our first priority is to develope stable, professional and intuitive software solutions. Provide professional and friendly support to our customers whenever possible. Keep privacy of all involved parties at the highest level and discretion. Pay the bills and get food on our plates.