Live Chat 3 - Version 3.8.6

Live Chat 3 - Version 3.8.6

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Live Chat 3 - Version 3.8.6

Happy New Year and happy new Version. Live Chat 3 is now available with a new feature, library updates and bug fixes.


  • Live Search to all Select Input fields
  • Improved Desktop Notifications
  • Updated the database class
  • Updated the Bootstrap Framework to the latest release
  • Tested up to PHP 7.3.8
  • Fixed a bug that happens in the Safari browser in cross browser scenario
  • Fixed various small bugs
  • Fixed documentation scrolling bug
  • Added installation video manual to the documentation

Thank you for all the feedbacks and bug reports! With this update we have saved more than 3mb in data by improving the sound files.


Our support area is online and ready to rock. Should you have any support questions, feedbacks or bug reports, please go there.

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Thank you once again and enjoy Live Chat 3.