Cloud Desk 3 - Version 1.0

Cloud Desk 3 - Version 1.0

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Cloud Desk 3 - Version 1.0

It is finally FINAL. Cloud Desk 3 is now available and ready to change the way how SaaS should be. Create your own professional HelpDesk / Live Chat / Client Management business with Cloud Desk 3.

Cloud Desk 3 is the big brother of HelpDesk 3 and offers a unique way to create a subscription based business for, hosted by you.

It's a Selfhosted CloudDesk Solution with a integrated Live Chat and tons of other Features.

Easy to Install

Cloud Desk 3 is easy to install and maintaine. The installation manual and video is of course included plus you get first class support!

Online Demo

There is no better way then to try before you buy. We have a full working online demo which you can checkout all the features.

What is coming next?

We are working hard on the native apps for iOS and Android with built in Ticket feature. We are also working on the Socket addon which will be included for free within the next releases. Socket will give you the possibilites to let subscribe more clients on the same server.

Buy Cloud Desk 3

Are you interested in building your very own HelpDesk Business? Cloud Desk 3 will provide you with everything you need! Included is a complete administration panel for managing your clients, a sign up page the same as here: (can be customised of course, pure HTML), the complete Cloud Desk 3 with payment integration, subscriptions and membership control plus world class support access. IOS and Android Apps native app access straight from the App and Google Play Store.

Contact us, start a chat to discuss the details, or purchase your complete license in our partner Envato: Cloud Desk 3 today.

Thank you very much and we whish you a successful business with Cloud Desk 3