HelpDesk 3 / Version 3.1

HelpDesk 3 / Version 3.1

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HelpDesk 3 / Version 3.1

Santa Claus will bring you a big update for HelpDesk 3. We have implemented all requested features and much much more. From task calendar to ticket ratings over live typing in the build in live support chat are only a few features that are now available in HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.1.

HelpDesk 3 - Santa Claus

Change Log

  • Task Calendar
  • Feedback/Rating form for closed tickets
  • Standard response for new tickets (operator side)
  • Close ticket for good, no reopen from client
  • Live preview what customer is typing
  • Smooth live chat widget with animations
  • No more flickering on live chat buttons
  • Improved code and speed within the chat
  • API extended with Main Site Linking
  • Apple Safari 3rd party cookies fix
  • Full RTL Support
  • Greek Language added
  • Update clients will now also update the name and email address
  • Bug fix in the operator panel with navbar and scrollbar in older browsers
  • Bug fix in credits for live chat
  • Several bug fixes

Over 300 files have been updated makes HD3 - Version 3.1 one of the biggest updates so far. We are proud to have the most complete support solution available on the market.


Easy as always, go to your operator panel - maintenance and run the build in Auto Updater. All our updates are encrypted and run through a SSL connection.

Should Auto Update not work on your server, please download the software from our server and follow the instruction in the provided manual.


Please login with your account and head to our support area, more information in our profile blog preview.


Not a customer yet? We now offer HelpDesk 3 on Monthly plans (hosted or self hosted) or you pay for your Helpdesk 3 license once and use it for life.

Monthly plans have the advantage that you never run out of support credits and you have access to upgrades on major releases (for example from version 3.9 to 4.0).

Thank YOU

We would like to thank you once again for the great feedback, suggestions and bug reports and we like to say HO HO HO!

HelpDesk 3 - Santa Claus