How to start your own web business in 5 steps

How to start your own web business in 5 steps

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How to start your own web business in 5 steps

With over 1,278,996,010 websites worldwide increasing by 3 more each second! getting organic real traffic and buyers is harder and harder literary every second.

Now when you don’t have a lot money to push your website with advertising paying ridiculous amount of money per click plus the sale or signup is still not guaranteed you just have one option!


We are in the web business for over 15 Years had 100’s of website some with success and most of them just a waste of time. Great ideas and a lot of time went into projects that just failed silently. No visitors, no customers, no sales…

I’m sure you have read all kind of SEO tips, how to get more traffic, grow your business in minutes, earn 1000 USD a Month with clicking on a few links a day and other bullshit. The list and tips are endless, probably 700,000,000 from the total websites are infos about how to make money online. The only men that get’s rich from all this is the starter of the scam.

Now you wonder how YOU can find your place and stay on top in a crowded world wide web? Make some cash and living the dream?

Let me tell you one thing that is for sure, it is not EASY!

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  1. The most important SEO tip and all other info is useless if you don’t cover number one. Find a product you believe in it. Find a product you want to spend 20 hours a day on it to make it better. Find a product you dream from it. Find a product you LOVE!

    find a product you believe in it

    To be precise a PRODUCT can be everything: Physical, Digital, Thin Air (yes some people sell air in a can), a Service or just yourself as a person (Good example is Casey Neistat).

    Without a product you believe in it, you won’t have a chance to make a living and you are simply waisting your time.

  2. Find the right source where you market your product. You don’t need a website but of course it will help. It does not necessarily mean you make the money on your website itself but at least it is a backup so people will find you in case the source you make the money on will shut down.

    Building a website won’t break your bank account, hey even with a bit learning by doing you can build your own plus it is a big bonus to have some knowledge about web stuff when you are selling on the web.

    Make sure your source is up to date with eye catchy images / design and a fresh text to read, there is nothing worse than a boring text.

    Also consider when selling physical and digital goods you will need to provide customer support. Selling worldwide hopefully means you will get requests 24/7. From our own experience we can tell you it is hard and nerve racking sometimes.

    Having your strategy in place, found your source and have your content up and running you have made a big step but by far it is a guarantee to succeed. But hey don’t give up, you are already above the 99% of all available websites with a strategy and a PRODUCT someone believes init.

  3. Now the hard work begins, yes you read right you far from having success by just following the two steps above. You remember what I wrote above?


    Now the real and frustrating work begins. Remember from point 1 and 2? That is the stuff you love, because you found a product you believe in it and you stay behind 24/7!

    The part that starts now is getting your product out and depend how crowded the market is already with the product you have it is hard or harder but never easy. Remember we still don’t have a lot of money to advertise our business, at this point you still the boy bringing the paper at 5am (nothing wrong with bringing the papers).

    Now all other SEO article will tell you to have social profiles, building links, write articles (like that one) and do that every day. They right and you have to do that! Following platforms you should use (of course once more it also depends on your product).

    Physical or digital products should use at least following social platforms*:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • Reddit
    • Coupon Sites to offer discounts
    • Blog comments
    • Forums
    • Lists

    Of course depend on your region there are other social platforms.

    Creating accounts, writing text, stay in the boundaries of the site rules you are posting and your product will slowly gain popularity.

    When using a source like Youtube or Facebook you will need to read through articles how to succeed on this platforms. 100’s of them available but once more there is no easy money on the internet, don’t believe in such crap.

  4. SEO (search engine optimisation), analytics and professional customer support is next. Constantly work on your SEO, check analytics and provide the support your customers deserve.


    There is more work involved if you have your own website. You will need to make sure to have unique content and following all the basic rules when building your website, like:

    • Proper Title for each Page
    • Keywords and Description based on the content
    • Proper character encoding
    • Unique Content
    • Easy to use structure
    • Nice images or videos that will catch the visitors attention

    Using a different source like Instagram or Pinterest you have to use the possibilities available from this platforms.

    For all platforms however you will need link building, post comments and forum posts on relevant topics, some forums even allow you to publish your own article about your product. Make sure you have 5-10 strong keywords that relay to your product and use them all the time linking to your content. Do that every day and your popularity will grow.

    Analytics more SEO

    Pretty much available for all sources, free or paid services. We will use Google Analytics the widely used one. Submit your XML Sitemap to Google, Bing and other platforms, that way your website is listed faster than without. Check your analytics daily what impact on your link building with the keywords you use. Where your traffic is coming from and which of your sites needs to be improved.

    Customer Support

    The most important part, provide online support, answer questions, help where you can.

    Yes, shopping behaviour has been changed, online sales are going through the roof and there is no stopping. But let’s be honest everyone still want to ask a few questions, check if someone is responding and help out when questions arise.

    We sell products online through our website and we have also build many online shops for our clients and without offering a helping hand your sales will most likely not explode. It does not mean that every customer contacts you before he buys but to have the certainty that someone is there to help will give more sales for sure.

  5. Last but not least, never give UP! and stay focused! I think most people that had success agree that never give up is the key! Push your product you believe in, don’t run multiple projects until you have a successful one! Know the time when to sell or to let it die. Don’t invest money you don’t have, work with what you have. Believe in you and don't lose faith.

Let us know your experience with your online business. Thank you for reading and we hope you can take something with you when starting your own online business.