HelpDesk 3 / Version 3.0.2

HelpDesk 3 / Version 3.0.2

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HelpDesk 3 / Version 3.0.2

It is time to release a new version for HelpDesk 3 with two new features plus all bugs that have been reported or found have been fixed.

Requested from almost all our customers is a analog sorting option for departments within the tickets, done. Also requested was to set the ticket status to private by standard we have build in an option for it! We have also updated tinymce editor to the latest version which is more mobile friendly and running now Bootstrap 4 - Beta 2 as well.


  • Added to show certain department only under tickets
  • Added option for private ticket settings
  • Fixed private ticket status in operator
  • Removed < from live chat button
  • Updated tinymce for better mobile support
  • Updated to Bootstrap 4 Beta 2
  • Fixed bug on uploading none images for tickets
  • Fixed various bugs

Update is as always as counting to three, go to your operator panel - maintenance - auto updater. Should Auto Updater not work on your server for any reason, please download the software from our server and follow the update instructions from the manual. Important as always have an up to date backup!

New Promotion Website

Our new promotion website for HelpDesk 3 is online. We hope you like it?!


The support area is online and ready to rock. Should you have any support questions, feedbacks or bug reports please go there.

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Thank you once again and enjoy Helpdesk 3.