iOS and Android App

iOS and Android App

About JAKWEB 16.10.2017 2822

iOS and Android App

We have released a new version for our native iOS and Android applications. Both have new features and speed improvements plus we have changed the design to suit our cooperate identity.


  • New Design
  • Typing status for operator
  • Typing status from client
  • Copy text feature
  • Messages are sent immediately
  • Speed improvements
  • Bug fixes


Both apps are ready to download in the App and Play Store.

Google Play Store

App Store

What have we planned for the future?

Our apps have been designed to work with Live Chat 3, HelpDesk 3 and Cloud Chat 3 the same and easy way. However we will publish a native app for HelpDesk 3 as well, with the possibility to read and answer tickets and have native push notifications included on new tickets / answers. At this moment we do not have a release date stay tuned for our announcement.

Thank you

Thank you once again for all the feedbacks and suggestions and don't forget to tell your friends without you it won't work.