HelpDesk 3 - Gold

HelpDesk 3 - Gold

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HelpDesk 3 - Gold

HelpDesk 3 - Gold

We are proud to announce the availability of HelpDesk 3 - Gold. Stable and ready to rock your support world. We want to say THANK YOU for all the feedbacks and bug reports we have received in the last 7 days. Without you the Gold and Final version would have taken much longer.


  • Guest can open tickets
  • An account can be created if a Guest opens a ticket
  • Edit Tickets from the operator panel
  • PHP Imap is now pulling attachments into a ticket even if it has HTML format.
  • PHP Imap fix
  • Client Api fix
  • All bugs reported has been fixed

Thank you again for the great input and we are looking forward for more!

Update from Silver

When you download the complete package from our download area you will find a folder called "gold_release", this are all the changed files from Silver to Gold. You will also need to run the install/helpdesk_3_gold.php file in your browser to make the database changes. Enjoy


Yesss, it is up and running and ready for you! Try before you buy is our moto. Go to the HelpDesk 3 Demo.

Our Support Area

With HelpDesk 3 - Gold we have also moved our support to the next generation support platform. Visit our new support area here. Your usual login works the same way.


You can now buy our complete support solution for only 169 USD, one time fee! Including free access to our native mobile apps for Android and iOS.


For all customers that have already purchased a license, your account has now access to HelpDesk 3, download now.

Thank you

We would like to say thank you for your patience and all the pre orders we received. Enjoy HelpDesk 3!