HelpDesk 3 - Silver

HelpDesk 3 - Silver

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HelpDesk 3 - Silver

Welcome to HelpDesk 3

HelpDesk 3 is here

We are proud to announce the silver release* of HelpDesk 3, a complete support solution that will make your life much easier.


  • Easy Installation
  • Department(s)
  • Support Tickets
  • FAQ's
  • Blog
  • Email to Tickets (PHP IMAP)
  • Billing
  • Custom Fields
  • Content Management System
  • On the fly editing
  • Client Management
  • Fresh Admin and Front end Design
  • File sharing (jpgs, zip, videos and more.)
  • Engage your website visitors automatic or manually
  • Full GEO locations
  • Easy to translate into your own language, already more than 15 languages available.
  • Add Live Chat to any page via embed code
  • Images straight in the chat window with lightbox feature
  • Blacklist
  • You will see country, city and other useful information from your visitors
  • Easy to use chat widget with fully mobile support
  • Manage all settings, images and sound files
  • Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices
  • Contact form
  • All mobile devices are supported (responsive design)
  • Android and iOS Apps included and free to download in Play and App store
  • Desktop Notifications
  • No limits in operators, departments and clients.
  • Clean and modern design
  • Group Chat included (Chat with up to 50 visitors in one room)
  • High quality avatars
  • Emoticons
  • Unlimited Standard responses
  • Transfer clients to another operator
  • Operator have full control of all visitors on your website
  • Auto Updater
  • Sound Notifications
  • Chat history with smart search
  • Widget colors and texts/language customization
  • No Monthly payments, pay once use it for life

helpdesk3 features

We could go on and on and on...

helpdesk3 features


As all our software installation is straight forward, simply read the provided installation manual, also available online.

We also have a few FAQ article for HelpDesk 3 already, more will be added soon.

Silver Release?

We have tested HelpDesk 3 on various servers and with real people, however bugs can appear as nobody is perfect. Silver Release means the software is ready for production but errors can appear. Therefore we will release HelpDesk 3.0 Gold in a couple of days with bug fixes only, the update will be easy as always and straight forward. Thank you for your understanding.


You can now buy our complete support solution for only 169 USD, one time fee! Including free access to our native mobile apps for Android and iOS.


For all customers that have already purchased a license, your account has now access to HelpDesk 3, download now.

Thank you

We would like to say thank you for your patience and all the pre orders we received. Enjoy HelpDesk 3!