Become an Affiliate

How the affiliate program works

Send traffic to any page on JAKWEB while adding your affiliate account id to the end of the URL.

First you will need an account in our affiliate program. You will need to sign up a new account as this is handled completely seperate then your account on JAKWEB.

After register you have various options to use our marketing material, provided in your affiliate area. We pay out up to 30% on each sale, so don't miss it.

We use cookies to track the customer, if cookies are disabled we can't track them and we can't pay out a commission. Cookies are stored for 10 days on the client machine. Purchases made wihtin this period and a valid cookie will still count as a sale and you will get your commission.

Sales Volume Commissions

Sale Volume From Sale Volume To Percentage
0.00 500.00 10%
501.00 1000.00 15%
1001.00 2000.00 20%
2001.00 5000.00 25%
5001.00 - 30%

Send more sales to our sites and earn more. Your sales volume will raise each time you sent us a new client.

There are few rules when using our Affiliate network, please read it carefully.



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