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  4. Multi Server Installation
  5. Secure Filesharing
  6. Cron Job
  7. Rewrite
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Cloud Desk 3

Professional HelpDesk self hosted SaaS solution to create your own support business.

Thank you for purchasing our software. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file or the FAQ on our support site, please feel free to create a Support Ticket via our website. Thanks so much!


Cloud Desk 3

Create your own helpdesk hosted service with live support chat, fully automatic with lifetime access to updates via Auto Updater.

Create unlimited servers depending on your clients location, install custom installation with advanced functions like unlimited operators, support tickets, content management system, faq, blog, departments, file uploads, transfer clients to other operator and operator private and public chat.

Fully automatic except private installations for advanced access.

Your helpdesk hosted solution with zero programming knowledge.

Incredibly easy and intuitive.

Minimum Requirements:

Browser compatibility:


Cloud Desk 3 will run in on all modern devices, including desktops, tablets and smartphones. We also have native iOS and Android Apps and the possiblity to order your personal native desktop apps for windows, mac and linux.


Installation guide - Cloud Desk 3

The installation of the software is straight forward, however you will need to follow the installation manual very carefully. Please follow this guide step by step and don't leave anything for later.

Folder structure after download

Let's start with the upload folder.

Help for FTP, MySQL and PHP.

Files that can be edited:

As always more information in our FAQ database.

Installation Server Only (Multiserver Setup)

Installation guide - Cloud Desk 3

The installation of the software is straight forward, however you will need to follow the installation manual very carefully.

Folder structure after download

Let's start with the server_only folder. Important, don't follow this guide if you have not yet installed the software at all! This guide is for multiserver setup and needs at least one complete installation as instructed above. More information about the multiserver setup can also be found in our FAQ: https://jakweb.ch/faq/a/236/location-setup-different-countries

Help for FTP, MySQL and PHP.

Files that can be edited:

As always more information in our FAQ database.

File sharing

Enable secure file sharing

In Cloud Desk 3 - Version 1.0 we have build in secure file sharing and you should use it! In your include/db.php file you can define the path to the folder where all files from the clients will be stored. This folder should be outside of the web root or on a different server.

define('CLIENT_UPLOAD_DIR', 'your_upload_folder');

You should also define any unique key for following entries to encrypt any communication between the front end and file system.

define('JAK_FILE_SECRET_KEY', 'file_secret_key');
define('JAK_FILE_SECRET_IV', 'file_secret_iv');

For more information check our FAQ article about secure uploading.

Cron Job

Run a cron job to following PHP file every 5 to 10 minutes. This file will send welcome emails to new registered clients and payment reminders one week before access expires.


For all helpdesk support installations there is also a cron job, it will update the client, remove clients marked as deleted plus all the data from this client, remove chat, contact and online user history that is expired. For each single operator location you install you will need to setup the cron job in your control panel running once a day.


All other cron job files are also in the folder cron and should be kept there otherwise you will need to modify the path inside the files.

Features like automatic reminders and automatic closing tickets you will need to run following cron job:

You should run this at least once day but not more than once an hour.


In case you have Email to Ticket set (also called PHP IMAP), you will need to run another cron job:

You should run this at least once an hour or every 15 minutes. Running it more frequently will maybe result in having your email account not responding due the limitation set on the server.


Subscriptions now need to be checked from time to time and for that you will need to run a cron job

Run this cron job exactly twice a day.


For each server you install (multiserver setup), you will need to setup the cron jobs on the server.

More help about how to setup cron jobs can usually be found in your control panel help or here Cron Jobs.

Mod Rewrite (Apache / Nginx)

Cloud Desk 3 comes with pretty URL's for that you will need either apache mod rewrite enabled or Nginx server with access to the .conf file.

In your include/db.php file you have following option:

define('JAK_USE_APACHE', 0); // Use 1 for Apache (SEO URL's) or 0 for all others

If set to 1, you will need to have a .htaccess (Apache) file in the Cloud Desk 3 root and operator folder with following content or upload the the htaccess file from the htaccess folder (if you can't see the file you system configuration will hide it):

RewriteEngine ON

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . index.php [L]

ErrorDocument 404 /404/

For Nginx you will need to edit the appropriate .conf file with following:

location / {
	index index.php index.html index.htm;
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
location /operator/ {
    try_files $uri $uri/ /operator/index.php?$args;


Language - General

Cloud Desk 3 is available in more then 15 languages, the administration panel is available in English right now. If you language is not available, feel free to translate all the necessary files. It would be nice if you could send me your translation, so I can integrate it within the next release.

If you translated Cloud Desk 3 into your native language would be nice to send it to us, so we can check an implement your translation in the next release. You can find our contact details on the support website.

Upload your own Button and SlideUp image

I'm sure you like your own button, we made it very simple for you!

Create two buttons in Photoshop or any other similar program. Save one button as yourname_on.png and the other as yourname_off.png. Upload the button via operator panel. Buttons / SlideUp images can also be deleted via operator panel.

More help can be found in our FAQ area: Upload Buttons.


How to place the button.

Placing a button on your website is fairly easy. Cloud Desk 3 supports any kind of website and format of your website as long it supports HTML (which all do) :).

You as a super operator can upload general buttons (graphics) for everyone available. Each client can also uplaod button graphics to suit his website and corporate identity.

Please check following FAQ article how to setup and place a button on your website: Live Chat 3 - Buttons

Native App for IOS and Android


Download the native Android App in the Google Play Store.


Download the native iOS app in the App Store.

Push Notifications

Get your Tokens from our Push Server. Read more about our push server in the frequently asked questions database.



The only way to get support is through our Support Area. You will need to create an account on our site with your purchase code from Envato. After registration you will find a support button on your profile, this will bring you straight to our support area.

With purchasing Cloud Desk 3 you will get first class support! We have build a great FAQ for any general questions and there is also a support ticket system available if you can't find a answer for your problem.

The same account you have entered when purchased will also grant you access to support.

License Code

You will receive a personal license code from us after registration (can take up to 48 hours) on our site. You will need both license key (Envato Purchase Code and our License Code) to successfully install the software.

The Installation Video

How to install Cloud Desk 3 explained in a video.


Thank you

I want to say thank you for purchasing Cloud Desk 3 - Live Support and I hope you enjoy the product like I do!