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Content Management System with Bootstrap 3

Thank you for purchasing my software. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file please feel free to contact me at jakweb. Thank you so much for purchasing one of my software!



Create beautiful websites with JAKWEB CMS. Based on the latest Bootstrap 3 you ready for desktop and mobile browsers out of the box. Create a blog, online shop, support tickets, FAQ's there are no limits with JAKWEB CMS.

Minimum Requirements:

Browser compatibility:


Installation guide - CMS

Please follow all steps carefully.

Unpack the file you downloaded and you should have following structure.

License / Order Number

First the upload/include/db.php.new file

Upload Install the database.
Configuration and finishing

CMS - Features and how to use it!


Create beautiful websites with CMS.

Content Management System

CMS supports unlimited pages, unlimited possibilities, unlimited users, beautiful statistic page with all the important information and much more.

Style Manager

With the brand new style manager you can build websites like a pro. Easy to customise and unlimited options.

How to use the Style Manager


Multi Language


CMS already comes with 10 languages. Easy to translate into your own language if not available.



With purchasing CMS you will get first class support if purchased! You will find useful tips in our FAQ section.

Please activate or register (when purchased somewhere else) and place your license / order number in your profile to get support. We will no longer be taking New Tickets and Replies via Email, this is due to Email being a rather unreliable form of communication in the case that some customers for example have had our replies land in their trash can. Other cases have seen customers experiencing email problems in terms of Spam. That is way we only guarantee support through our support area.


Thank you

I want to say thank you for purchasing Feedback. I hope you enjoy the product like we do!